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When Buying a Home in Massachusetts it is important to understand the process since it differs from most other States in the Nation. It is extremely helpful to secure a BUYERS AGENT who is knowledgeable about the steps necessary and will work for you since the Sellers will have Agents working for them. As a BUYERS AGENT my fiduciary duties are to my Buyer Clients which means that I look out for their best interest throughout the entire process and does not stop when we find a home. Those Buyers choosing to work with me benefit from my 13+ years of experience in negotiating and researching properties as well as my quick response and strong communication skills. My Buyers are well informed throughout the process and obtain all the information available to make an informed decision. In addition I share my list of qualified and experienced professionals if needed such as Mortgage Agents, Real Estate Attorneys and various tradesmen. These Professionals will also have many years of experience and have received positive feedback from past Buyers. There is no obligation once the process is started and the arrangement is free since the Seller pays the commission.

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