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The decision to sell your home is an important one. After all, it is most people’s largest investment! There are many steps that you should be taking in order to ensure the successful marketing and sale of your home.
Over the years, I have worked with many Home Sellers who are not quite ready to sell but will want some tips on what should be done to their specific home to get it ready. Early meetings, sometimes even a few years out to discuss an effective strategy and what could be done up front will help ensure that you obtain top dollar for your home.
SELLERS AGENT As a SELLERS AGENT my fiduciary duties are to my Seller which means that I work exclusively for my Sellers and look out for their best interest throughout the process.
There are many Agents willing to be “Dual Agents” which means that they become neutral if they were to have a Buyer for your home and therefore no longer work exclusively as a Sellers Agent to put together the sale. This may work for some Agents, but I have found it to be a conflict of interest for both my Buyer and Seller Clients. Instead, I let both my Buyers and Sellers know up front that I never work as a” Dual Agent” and should a situation arise where one of my Buyers would like to buy one of my listings, they would simply need to know that I would work for the Seller. If a Buyer would then like representation, I will help them to find another Agent to assist them.
My Sellers have appreciated this policy and find comfort in knowing I will be there for them exclusively throughout the process. Contact me at 1-(978)-505-1466 or E-Mail to find out how I can help you to make selling your home a smooth and pleasant process while helping you to obtain top dollar for your home!