Have you heard it’s best to wait until the spring to sell, even if you’re ready to move now? Well, keep reading because I have news for you! I’ve got six reasons to get your home on the market right now - no need to wait for spring to come around.


1. Less inventory means more attention to your home.

Since many sellers feel they should wait until the spring, there are fewer homes on the market in the fall and winter months. This means your home is likely to get a lot more interest because there are fewer to choose from!

2. Buyers are more motivated.

Although there are fewer buyers in the fall and winter months, those that are out there are usually more motivated and not just looking. Many companies are relocating their employees during this time, and these buyers are also very motivated and less picky because they need a home.

3. Real estate agents are motivated, too.

Because there is less inventory coming in, real estate agents tend to have fewer listings in the fall and winter months. Great news for you, because they’ll have more time to focus on your home and getting it sold!

4. Not having landscaping is not a problem.

When you list in the spring or summer, your landscaping needs to look good! In the fall and winter months, you just need to keep your yard raked and snow removed from the driveway, but that is about it. Buyers are less picky about landscaping since the weather often has a major impact.

5. Have a faster home sale.

It’s counterintuitive but true: homes actually sell more quickly in the winter months. Why is that? Well, as we talked about earlier, inventory is low and buyers are motivated. When they find a home they like, they’re ready to make it happen.

6. Post a higher listing price.

Another surprise: statistics show that homes actually sell at a slightly higher price in winter. Motivated buyers might submit a price that’s too good to refuse. Buyers also may have a fear of rising mortgage rates since rates tend to go up in the spring, so they may be willing to pay a bit more now. Whatever the reason, fall and winter home sellers tend to be happier with their sale price!

If you are thinking of getting your home on the market and have questions, as always I am here to help! Have a great home buying and selling day! If you’re interested, head over to my YouTube channel to see tips like this in video form.